The Company

“Kozloduy NPP – New Build” EAD (“the Company”) is a single joint-stock company established under the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria and is registered in the Commercial Register of the Registry Agency of 09.05.2012.

The Project

Kozloduy NPP PLC organizes and manages the whole process of feasibility research, design, construction and commissioning of nuclear power of latest generation (III or III +) at the site of Kozloduy NPP.

The five-member Chamber of the Supreme Administrative Court has ruled the legality of the EIA for the construction of new nuclear power on site 2 of Kozloduy NPP

The five-member Chamber of the Supreme Administrative Court dismissed the appeals against decision No 1-1/2015. Of the Minister of Environment and Water, which approved the environmental impact...

Kozloduy NPP-New Build presented a report on the Convention on Nuclear Safety

Kozloduy NPP PLC has prepared and provided to the Nuclear Regulatory agency information on the preparation of the eighth national report of the Republic of Bulgaria under the Convention on Nuclear...

Plans to create a staff "incubator" in nuclear energy sector

The aim of the proposed initiative is to address the problem of lack of staff in the nuclear energy sector. According to Lyuben Marinov-executive director of Kozloduy NPP-new capacities "The lack of...

High international assessment for the activities of new nuclear power at Kozloduy NPP site

From 5 to 7 February 2019 A meeting of the Parties to the Convention on Environmental Impact Assessment in a Transboundary Context (the Espoo Convention) was held. The meeting also participates with...

Global First Power files Canada’s first SMR project license application

Ontario's Global First Power (GFP) has submitted Canada's first small modular reactor (SMR) project license application to build a plant at the Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) Chalk River site,...

China starts construction of new SMR

The Chinese Ministry of Environment has proceeded to assess the environmental impact of a project to build a small modular reactor ACP100 (SMR) in Changjiang, Hainan, as the construction will...
Nuclear power in scale
A standard 1000 MW water reactor annually generates (directly and indirectly) around 200 – 350 m3 of low and medium radioactive waste. Annually, about 20 m3 (27 tonnes) of spent fuel are generated and this volume decreases to 3 m3 after processing (vitrification)

350 m3

Volume of detached house

300 m3

Volume of low and medium radioactive waste

20 m3

Volume of spent nuclear fuel (SNF)

3 m3

Volume of high-radioactive waste after processing of SNF