The Project

Everything for New Build Project

Forthcoming Activities

The results of the feasibility studies prove in an indisputable way that there are technological, engineering and economical opportunities for the use of equipment for Belene NPP at the Kozloduy NPP site. The advantages of the existing infrastructure, personnel resources and localization of business inevitably reflect on the better economy of the project in Kozloduy.

Further steps needed to continue and develop the project are:

  • Decision for structuring the project by attracting a strategic investor – by purchasing shares from Kozloduy NPP – New Builds PLC and at the same time its capital increase.
  • Decision for transfer of the equipment for the terminated project pursuant to a decision of the National Assembly and the Council of Ministers.
  • Notification of the investment project for new nuclear power capacity to the European Commission in accordance with article 41 of the Euratom Treaty.
  • Implementation of possiblerecommendations after the notification of the EC, respectively Member State.
  • Consultations on chapter 4 of the Euratom Treaty with the Euratom Supply Agency for the conclusion of nuclear fuel supply contracts
  • Preparation of the necessary documents for submission of an application for decision on the design of a nuclear facility under SUNEA (Safe Use of Nuclear Energy Act) .
  • Preparation and approval of the Detailed Site Development Plan, preparation of documents for coordination and approval of the investment project under the Spatial Development Act.
  • Fulfilment of the conditions set out in the Ministry of Environment and Water decision on Environmental Impact Assessment of new nuclear unit at the Kozloduy NPP site.
  • Initiating a technical inspection of the IAEA before validating the technical project by the Bulgarian Nuclear Regulatory Agency