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Kozloduy NPP – New Builds PLC is a company wholly owned by Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant  PLC and it is responsible for the development of the project for the construction of new nuclear capacity on the site  of Kozloduy NPP, according to the Decision of the Council of Ministers from April 2012. The Board of directors members includes the executive director of the project company – Lyuben Marinov, the executive director of  Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant Plc -Nasko Mihov  and Georgi Dobrev.
Executive Director of the project company is Lyuben Marinov and chairman of the Board of Directors is Nasko Mihov.

Lyuben Marinov

Lyuben Marinov  has a master degree in Financial management from Plovdiv University “P. Hilendarski” with diploma thesis “Financial Analysis of Kozloduy NPP” – 2006-2008 year.

Since 2017 he also has had a master degree in Energy Security issued by the Military Academy “G. Sava Rakovski”, Sofia.

He has an “Internal auditor in the public sector” certificate issued by the Ministry of finance.

In 2008, he has been appointed as an expert in the Nuclear Energy Department, Energy Supply Security Directorate of the Ministry of Economy and Energy (MEE). He has been responsible about the surveillance on the markets for energy commodities and has been preparing analyses on their development. He participated in the budgetary procedure of the MEE regarding preparation of the “Strategy for the management of the spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste” regarding its economic part, as well as in the preparation and evaluation of the  tender documents concerning the construction of the National repository ( NHRAO). He was the secretary of the ‘Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities’ Fund obliged for the preparation of the draft budget of the Fund, as well as providing monitoring analysis of the effectiveness of the funds spent. Lyuben Marinov participated in many  working and technical meetings of the IAEA – on human resources development, financial risk management and project management of nuclear power plants. He specialized leadership and management in civilian nuclear programs by taking part in a joint programme of the University of Tokyo, the Japanese Atomic Forum and the IAEA in 2017.

In June 2012, he was appointed as the first executive director of the newly established company “Kozloduy NPP – New Builds” Plc , and was responsible for the initial structuring of the new nuclear capacity project and the operational management of the Company.

Nasko Mihov

 Born on 20 July 1960 in the town of Lovech.
Graduated the Varna Technical University, receiving a degree in Shipbuilding Engineering. Later, he acquired a management qualification in Micro- and Macroeconomics in the D. A. Tsenov Academy of Economics, in Svishtov.
He started work at Kozloduy NPP in 1986. Over the years he has held the positions of NDT technician, field operator, mechanic, primary circuit chief expert, and head of a group in the reactor building of units 1-4, Electricity Production – 1; primary circuit maintenance chief expert, Central Management Division; primary circuit chief expert, head of the HVAC systems sector at Electricity Production – 2; head of the Marketing and Procurement department in the Business & Finance Directorate; he has been acting head of the Commercial Division.
He has received further specialisations under IAEA programmes in Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Japan, etc.
In 2003 – 2005, he was adviser to the Finance Minister. He has held senior management positions in a number of companies such as Public Investment Projects EAD, Toplofikatsiya Sofia EAD, Information Services AD, SE RAW, etc.
He is fluent in German, English and Russian.






Georgi Dobrev

Georgi Dobrev is a corporate Control Director in the Bulgarian Energy Holding. During the period from 11 June 2012 to 04 July 2013,  he was Head of the Commercial department at Kozloduy NPP PLC. He was in charge for summarizing, planning and analyzing all the necessary supplies, goods, services and construction related to the activities of Kozloduy NPP PLC. He had been carrying out marketing studies providing information and up-to-date prices of the potential manufacturers/suppliers. He was organizing and conducting all the public contracts of Kozloduy NPP PLC through procedures and public invitations, in accordance with the Public Procurement Act. Mr. Dobrev is in charge for organizing and concluding contracts with the designated participants in the procedures for the award of public contracts, as well as all other contracts related to the NPP activities, management, administration and control of the realization of all the contracts concluded. From December 2013 to 21 December 2014 he is executive director of “Landscaping” PLC-Sofia.  From April 2008 to November 2011 he was a deputy mayor of Triaditsa District in Sofia municipality. Master of Law from “St. St. Cyril and Methodius” University, VelikoTarnovo, lawyer from 2005