The Council of Ministers takes a decision for full capacity use of the approved Kozloduy NPP site, through rational use of the equipment for Belene NPP

20 Jan 2021

On January 20, 2021, at its meeting, the Government has considered a report of a Working Group specially set up by the Minister of Energy. In the report in a synthesized manner, the analyzes and assessments of the feasibility studies carried out by Kozloduy NPP – New Build Plc in the recent years, have been presented.

In the report the analyzes and recommendations have been prepared, considering two possible options for continuing the project for a new nuclear power plant at Kozloduy NPP: construction of a new nuclear power unit, including the rational use of the delivered equipment for Belene NPP, as well as continuing the actions to explore the possibilities for building new nuclear power by using new nuclear technologies for small modular reactors. These project developments have been reviewed, and the task assigned by the Decision of the Council of Ministers of October 14, 2020 has been optimally fulfilled.

The working group has analyzed and supplemented the prepared technical and economic analysis, which presents information and conclusions in two main directions: determination of engineering, technical and environmental parameters and determination of economic, legal and social aspects.

Оn August 26, 2013 the Nuclear Regulatory Agency (NRA) issued a Permit for determining the location of a nuclear power plant (site selection). A detailed study was performed and after evaluation of the proposed sites, Site №2 was determined as the most promising.

Regarding the requirements of the NRA, in 2014 an Independent Verification of the results obtained by the carried-out researches about the determination of the siting of the new nuclear power plant was performed. This verification was performed by a team of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

A Preliminary Safety Analysis Report (SAAB) of the nuclear facility has been prepared – this is the main part of the documents accompanying the request for issuance of an Order for approval of the selected site.

On February 21, 2020, an Order for determining the location of the nuclear facility (site selection) was issued by the Chairman of the NRA, whereby the regulator confirms that the possibilities for deployment, construction and subsequent operation of a new nuclear power plant at Site 2 of the Kozloduy NPP are justified and well-founded.

The environmental impact assessment / EIA / is performed entirely in accordance with the requirements of the legal and regulatory framework. In January 2015, the Ministry of Environment and Water issued an administrative act – a permit for the realization of the investment intention, and with this act legally approved the performed assessment of the impact on the environment and the specific impact on the protected areas.

The existing site on the territory of Kozloduy NPP provides clear advantages in comparison with the other possible sites in Bulgaria. The nuclear power plant in the country has been built at the Kozloduy site and has been in use for several decades. It has built infrastructure that can be used to expand the territory of the plant in order to add future nuclear power units. Various segments of the existing infrastructure at the Kozloduy NPP site, such as roads, water sources, buildings, Open Distribution System (ODS) and transmission lines, provide access and advantages in terms of the construction costs needed compared to alternative sites.

The conducted feasibility studies prove that the construction of a new nuclear power plant with one or two nuclear units of generation III (III +), using light water pressurized reactor technology and design developments of small modular reactors at the Kozloduy NPP site is completely engineering. technologically achievable as well as economically profitable and advisable opportunity.


Information notice

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Information notice

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