Official USA Visit in NPP Kozloduy

4 Dec 2020

Her Excellency Ambassador Hero Mustafa and her team visited the Kozloduy NPP in the context of the Memorandum of Understanding on the Civil Nuclear Power Network, signed between the United States and Bulgaria on October 23rd. The purpose of the visit was to get acquainted with the activities of Kozloduy NPP and its project company to explore the possibility of partnership in developing a solution for future energy needs in Bulgaria.
The Ambassador and the management of Kozloduy NPP discussed how Kozloduy NPP benefits from the advantages of existing infrastructure and human capital, which should keep the Kozloduy NPP as heart of the Bulgarian nuclear energy for the next generations.
After presenting the status of Kozloduy NPP Nuclear Newbuild Project, the two sides discussed the hybrid solution for the new power, which would include maximum use of the delivered equipment and an updated technological scheme of the best in this technology class Western partners. Such project would be financially sustainable compared to other options and would benefit from the already existing great technical, environmental and natural advantages of Kozloduy NPP and Kozloduy NPP site, highly qualified staff, training center, safety and security measures development and electricity transmission infrastructure. A successful hybrid project in Kozloduy would guarantee a large amount of safe, reliable, low-carbon energy for Bulgarian citizens, while strengthening Bulgaria’s energy independence and security.

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