4 Sep 2019

Dear, former and current colleagues of the Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant. On behalf of the New Build team, please accept our sincere congratulations on the Jubilee – 45 years of the First Nuclear Power Plant . The first high-tech energy company in Southeast Europe. I wish you many more decades of safe, secure and reliable operation, including two new units on same site.

Be Healthy and Still Successful.

Kozloduy NPP – New Builds Plc

Supreme court reject all appeals against EIA

Following an extraordinary and final judicial control before the Supreme Administrative Court, no infringements were found in the legally conducted EIA procedure of the investment proposal for the construction of a new nuclear power unit from latest generation at the...

Еlaboration of a Detailed Structural Plan

During the regular meeting of the Council of Kozloduy Municipality on 13th August 2019 the unanimous decision was authorized in a relation with the elaboration of a Detailed Structural Plan of the site which is suitable for constructing of a new nuclear power...