Plans to create a staff "incubator" in nuclear energy sector

12 Jun 2017

The aim of the proposed initiative is to address the problem of lack of staff in the nuclear energy sector. According to Lyuben Marinov-executive director of Kozloduy NPP-new capacities “The lack of personnel is largely an error of the organizations in the nuclear sector. It is their responsibility to help create executives for the industry. According to him, their training should start at the level of secondary education. The idea for this is the deputy chairman of the Committee on Energy in the National Assembly Valentin Nikolov. Bulgaria will face a shortage of nuclear specialists as early as 2025. According to data from Kozloduy NPP, if the tendency to reduce the number of students in technical specialties serving nuclear energy is maintained, by 2025. Bulgaria will experience a shortage of personnel to manage now working nuclear units. At present, all students who are trained in specialties related to nuclear power are 80 people. At the same time only the operation of one block requires 380 specialists. One of the big problems for the teachers is that according to the currently established system, they receive a payment according to the number of students. They can only count on a full salary if they have 12 students. In six students, the salary is halved and the drop continues with the dropping of each student. Another problem is related to the autonomy of universities, who can themselves decide on the dropping of majors. Therefore, from Bulatom “New Builds” will insist nuclear energy to be legally declared a “protected” specialty.


Dear, former and current colleagues of the Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant. On behalf of the New Build team, please accept our sincere congratulations on the Jubilee - 45 years of the First Nuclear Power Plant . The first high-tech energy company in Southeast Europe. I...