Kozloduy NPP-New Build presented a report on the Convention on Nuclear Safety

5 Mar 2019

Kozloduy NPP PLC has prepared and provided to the Nuclear Regulatory agency information on the preparation of the eighth national report of the Republic of Bulgaria under the Convention on Nuclear Safety, within the limits of its competencies.
The information shall include a summary of the activities carried out in the company, in accordance with the international requirements related to maintaining a high level of safety culture.
Last but not least is marked the status of the project for the construction of new nuclear power on the site of Kozloduy NPP.
We remind that at the moment the project is at the final stage of the pre-project phase according to the project plan, namely the issuance of an order for approval of the selected site, the documents for the same are examined and no notes are found to Prevent the issue.

At the end of 2018, a reassessment of the company’s assets, showing sound financial management of capital funds and strict adherence to the principles of sound corporate governance of the European Union, was drawn up pursuant to Regulation 2067/2016. The project company. A decision of the second-instance Chamber of the VAS is expected, related to the case against the decision of the Minister of Environment and Water, which approved the investment proposal for the construction of new nuclear power at the site of Kozloduy NPP.

Information notice

16 Feb 2024 Pursuant to the Decision of the National Assembly dated 18.12.2023 (published in State Gazette №105/2023) for taking actions for the construction of units 7th and 8th at site No. 2 of the Kozloduy NPP, on 19.01.2024 ‘Kozloduy NPP - New Builds’ PLC...

Information notice

19 Jan 2024 In pursuance of "Decision of the Parliament dated 18.12.2023 (published State Gazette 105/2023) for taking actions for the construction of 7th and 8th unit at site № 2 of NPP Kozloduy with АР 1000 technology", Kozloduy NPP - New Builds PLC publishes an...

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