China starts construction of new SMR

27 Mar 2019

The Chinese Ministry of Environment has proceeded to assess the environmental impact of a project to build a small modular reactor ACP100 (SMR) in Changjiang, Hainan, as the construction will commence by the end of this year.

According to the Chinese edition Nuclear World, the first concrete should be poured on December 31. The construction is expected to take 65 months, with 125 MWe power expected to enter into service until 31 May 2025, subject to appropriate governmental approvals.

ACP100 has been identified as a “key project” in China’s 12th five-year plan and is a modification by the larger reactor with pressurized water ACP1000 (PWR). The design, which has 57 fuel cartridges and integrated steam generators, includes passive safety features and will be installed underground. China in 2016. Announced plans to build a demonstration floating nuclear power plant based on ACP100S.

The two-element demonstration installation was originally planned for construction by CNNC New Energy Corporation, a joint venture of CNNC (51%) and China Guodian Corp. In the beginning of 2017, the The site for the first units ACP100 was changed to Changjiang, the island of Hainan, with a larger reactor, which will be built in Putian.

The small module reactor ACP100 will be located in the northwest of the existing nuclear power plant in Yangjiang. On the site there are already two working CNP600 PWR, with plans for the development of two more reactors of this type.

ACP100 is planned to be serially produced as industrial generating capacity, such as urban DHC, for desalination of seawater, and for the extraction of energy on floating platforms (see illustration).