Seminar on “Future and Integration of Information Technologies in Nuclear Energy”

Kozloduy NPP New Builds PLC team took part in a seminar on “Future and Integration of Information Technologies in Nuclear Energy”. The event coincided with the celebration of the 7th anniversary of the establishment of the Company. The meeting took place between 10-12 May 2019 in the village of Debrushtitsa, Pazardzhik, initiated by the Youth Association of the Bulgarian Nuclear Society, jointly with “Kozloduy NPP – New Builds PLC. The seminar also included experts from “Kozloduy NPP” PLC, SE RAW and university lecturers also took part in the seminar. Discussions were focused on the development of the Quantum Communication Competence Center, Intelligent Security Systems and Risk Management and the challenges of the digital transformation of the nuclear sector.

Bilyana Simeonova, Expert of Environment at Kozloduy NPP New Builds PLC, presented to the participants a report on the Environmental impact Assessment (EIA) procedure of a new nuclear power plant by informing the audience with the EIA of the investment proposal for construction of new nuclear unit at the site of NPP ” Kozloduy “.

The reliability and zero carbon emissions of nuclear energy as well as the importance and future of the electromobility as an environmentally friendly transport also were commented.

The event was closed by Mladen Mitev – Chairman of the Bulgarian Nuclear Society and Lyuben Marinov – Executive Director of “Kozloduy NPP – New Builds” PLC, who summarized that for the successful development of the nuclear energy in Bulgaria it is necessary first of all to attract more young people to find their professional realization in this sector. The conclusion was that the extension and deepening of the communication between the organizations involved in the seminar is a positive step in this direction.

Plans to create a staff "incubator" in nuclear energy sector

The aim of the proposed initiative is to address the problem of lack of staff in the nuclear energy sector. According to Lyuben Marinov-executive director of Kozloduy NPP-new capacities "The lack of personnel is largely an error of the organizations in the nuclear...



On May 9, 2019 we celebrate 7 years since the establishment of the project company “Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant – New Builds” Plc. For the past time, both the management and employees of the Company and all other working teams involved in the implementation of the project to build a new nuclear power plant at the Kozloduy NPP site were very much done. Important steps have been taken on the way to achieve the primary goal of the Company. This year was also confirmed environmental impact assessment at the selected site for construction of a new nuclear power plant in Kozloduy.This achievement once again proved the goodwill and high professionalism of the people involved in the project, as well as positioning the idea of building a seventh energy nuclear unit at a conceptually higher level.

When we assess what has been achieved, we look ahead, with the clear awareness that there are more challenges to overcome, and we must find strengths and inspiration on a daily basis. The coincidence of the anniversary of the establishment of the project company with the celebrations of Europe Day is a great occasion. The spirit of that day, dedicated to peace and unity in Europe, is a source of optimism and belief that with unity and diligence all tasks in front Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant – New Builds Plc can be successfully resolved in the name of more secure energy future in which Bulgarian nuclear emission-free energy will continue to be an important part of the Bulgarian energy mix in accordance with the European policy for reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

In my own name and on behalf of the team of the Company I congratulate you with the 7th anniversary of the establishment of Kozloduy NPP – New Builds Plc and celebration of the Day of Europe.

Lyuben Marinov

Information notice

16 Feb 2024 Pursuant to the Decision of the National Assembly dated 18.12.2023 (published in State Gazette №105/2023) for taking actions for the construction of units 7th and 8th at site No. 2 of the Kozloduy NPP, on 19.01.2024 ‘Kozloduy NPP - New Builds’ PLC...

Information notice

19 Jan 2024 In pursuance of "Decision of the Parliament dated 18.12.2023 (published State Gazette 105/2023) for taking actions for the construction of 7th and 8th unit at site № 2 of NPP Kozloduy with АР 1000 technology", Kozloduy NPP - New Builds PLC publishes an...

Official USA Visit in NPP Kozloduy

Her Excellency Ambassador Hero Mustafa and her team visited the Kozloduy NPP in the context of the Memorandum of Understanding on the Civil Nuclear Power Network, signed between the United States and Bulgaria on October 23rd. The purpose of the visit was to get...

Supreme court reject all appeals against EIA

Following an extraordinary and final judicial control before the Supreme Administrative Court, no infringements were found in the legally conducted EIA procedure of the investment proposal for the construction of a new nuclear power unit from latest generation at the...

Еlaboration of a Detailed Structural Plan

During the regular meeting of the Council of Kozloduy Municipality on 13th August 2019 the unanimous decision was authorized in a relation with the elaboration of a Detailed Structural Plan of the site which is suitable for constructing of a new nuclear power...