Kozloduy NPP – NEW BUILDS Plc took part in the nuclear attaché informal meeting in the framework of the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU

     Kozloduy is one of the seventh towns in Bulgaria, where official events are taking place as part of the program of Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

     On the 19th of June 2018 Kozloduy NPP hosted an external meeting of the Council of Europe’s Atomic Questions Working Group in which Kozloduy NPP PLC, Kozloduy NPP – New Builds PLC and the State Enterprise Radioactive Waste took part. During the visit the guests had the opportunity to be introduced with the activities of the only nuclear power plant in Bulgaria, as well as with the development of the project for the construction of a new nuclear power plant at the site of Kozloduy NPP. The activity of SE RAW, related to the safe decommissioning of Units 1 to 4 of Kozloduy NPP, was also presented.

     Mr. Lyuben Marinov, Executive Director of Kozloduy NPP – New Builds PLC, took part in the meeting and presented to the group the advantages of the Kozloduy NPP site, summarized the results of the activities of the project company and explained the specifics of the licensing and authorization regime for the construction of new nuclear power capacity in the country. Within the work program, delegates visited a number of facilities at the Kozloduy NPP site, exploring the Main Control Room and Turbine Hall at Unit 5/6 as well as the relevant decommissioning infrastructure at Units 1-4 Turbine Hall, Observation Point to Unit 2 Controlled Area, Free Release Measurement Facility, RAW Storage Sites and Size Defragmentation and Decontamination Workshop) and National RAW Disposal Facility construction site managed by the State Enterprise Radioactive Waste (SE RAW).

    * The Working Party on Atomic Questions of the Council of the European Union addresses issues related to the protection against ionizing radiation used in the medicine and the industry, the safety of nuclear facilities and the management of spent fuel and radioactive waste. The Working Party has activities related to the delivery and storage of the nuclear material.